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Our Machines Yield Results…

The Jakesteer lift now ships with every new Jakesteer at no additional cost!

“Interested in becoming a Buford or Jakesteer distributor—give us a call at 800.828.3895.”

If you’re looking for a machine to work young horses, a tool to work out bad habits on older horses, or just a fine all around roping machine to work on the fundamentals of roping, Buford is the machine for you. Give us a call today and ask about our free video. Buford is an all-electric variable speed heading and heeling machine that you can rope by yourself. No need for expensive 4-wheelers or waiting on help; saddle your horse, flip a switch and you can be roping a great roping dummy…

If you’re looking for the premier heading dummy on the market today, then look no further. Our Jakesteer, used and endorsed by 7-time World Champion Header, Jake Barnes, is a life-size portable heading dummy that has three (3) different lengths of horns. With the short, long, and super set of horns that adjust to eight different positions, you can rope any set of horns that give you trouble. Jakesteer is affordable, durable, and Jake Barnes says, “It’s the best heading dummy on the market.”

Steer Roping

Roping Practice w/Buford

Roping Practice w/Buford

"It’s bulls and blood, it’s dust and mud, it’s the roar of a Sunday crowd..."

~ Garth Brooks